About M.M.Kizi

L & MM.M Kizi is a wondering wanderer (sometimes a lazy flâneur) living in Peckham South London and working in a shed in the garden.

M.M was born at harvest time, on a farm in Cumberland (not quite as long ago as Facebook says- but in this damp climate the bones do feel very ancient).

M.M. landed in South London almost 20 years ago (via a boat from the Arctic and a plane from Maine). Things have changed in Peckham- now its hopping and very well connected- so they say. But the shed is just the same as it ever was, and M.M continues to draw and write, to learn and to teach.

In 2011 M.M completed a practiced based PhD – researching drawing. One of M.M’s teaching posts is at Central Saint Martins in the MA character animation department, this feeds M.M’s long time fascination with drawing and narrative (the seen the sensed and the dreamed), and because M.M didn’t know how difficult it would be, M.M began to write a film script.

After many edits M.M understood the need to picture the story. So for the past four years M.M has been writing and drawing short stories, learning how to weave text and image together and posting the work on Face Book and Twitter.

MM calls the daily tweets Twotions- tweeted notions- posting a daily image acts as a pacer to keep M.M’s ideas flowing. Some of the Twotion images conjure new characters into view. M.M. spends more time with the characters that might have more to say, and cobbles together stories around them.

PIFdS- more recently – for the love of films – MM has been making PIFdS pictures inspired by films and dreaming – drawing while watching various movies – they each give an on-rolling life class of figures, landscapes ,contexts and concepts- sometimes the PIF takes a little from the film and runs away with itself-off on another track- sometimes the PIF focuses on a second in the film – a look- a glance a gesture, an interaction- the relationship between people, or between people and animals- all these are an endless source of inspiration, a place to mine material for images and narratives- that is why MM makes PIFs –

Short stories and PIFs can be seen on Instagram R&F. Mo   @randfmo     https://www.instagram.com/randfmo/

Twotions & Pifds  can be seen on Twitter R&F Mo   @watchoutmary     https://twitter.com/watchoutmary

M.M.Kizi’s work can also be seen on http://www.vermontviews.org/vermontviews.org/Home.html

You can contact M.M at     mmkizi42@gmail.com


About M.M.Kizi

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