L & the Bell Gang

L & The Bell Gang

Book description

Book Details: A5 (148x210mm/5.8×8.3inches) paper-back book of 106 pages, full colour on heavy weight paper throughout, Printed by ExWhyZed.

UK: £15.00 (includes postage and packing) US: $30.00 (includes international postage 5-7 day delivery not tracked.)

A small print run of 20 signed copies has been made (October 2017), & a number of South London book shops will be visited soon to test the water for interest ……

For more information email mmkizi42@gmail.com


Cover for LULU

Book description

This is the story of L – and how L escapes from danger – swimming to a faraway land-    The friends L makes on an Island and the adventure they have together – and how they all return to the dangers and bring about a good solution-for the time being that is… (Below are a selection of pages from the book).

L 3     L 5                                      page 3                                                      page 5

L 8      L 11                                  page 8                                                       page 11

L 14     L 18                                page 14                                                    page 18

L 25     L 28                                     page 25                                                       page 28

L 30      L 53                              page 30                                                        page 53

 L 64                               page 64
L & the Bell Gang

3 thoughts on “L & the Bell Gang

    1. Certainly …..have a couple – also re did the edit as it has Mishtakes (!!) have Lily the Cowboy too.. and doing second one now … when will you be in London ? Simon has bought me tickets to Ran’s Fear book launch and Anto has bought me tickets to TG RGS thingy ( oh the joys !!!!??)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Fab! Haven’t heard about either! Marooned out in the Carpathians, I’ve fallen off all lists, despite annual requests to be kept informed. : (( You’ll have to tell all about both – take pics! Will probably come to London before Christmas to try and flog some books to Romanians in UK.


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