Lily the Cowboy & the Caboodle of Ideas

Book Details: A5 (148x210mm/5.8×8.3inches) paper-back book of 95 pages, full colour on heavy weight paper throughout, Printed by ExWhyZed.

UK: £15.00 (includes postage and packing) US: $30.00 (includes international postage 5-7 day delivery not tracked.)

A small print run of 20 signed copies has been made (October 2017), & a number of South London book shops will be visited soon to test the water for interest ……

For more information email

Story outline:

This is the second story about Lily the Cowboy, Horse, Mo the cat, and Florence the giant. In this adventure Lily’s uncle Bing sends a message asking for help to keep Moll the Chatelaine of the HIC Caboodle, safe from Pearl the Terrible taker of ideas. Lily, Horse, Mo the cat and Florence the blue giant fly by ship far out into the universe. There are Chatelaines, a giant Dog, nasty Withers, scary frights, some good ideas and a lot of friendship.

Lily and the Caboodle Front and Back cover  Back and Front cover

P 6-7pages 6-7

p 8-9pages 8-9

p 14-15pages 14-15

p 20-21pages 20-21

p 22-23pages 22-23

p 30-31pages 30-31

p 62-63pages 62-63

p 88-89pages 88-89


Lily the Cowboy & the Caboodle of Ideas

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