The Angels of


A4 portrait (297x420mm / 16.5 x 23.4 inches) paper-back graphic short story of 4 pages, full color, printed by ExWhyZed.

UK: £10.00 (Includes postage and packing). US: $25.00 (includes international postage 5-7 day delivery not tracked).

A small print run of 20 signed copies has been made (October 2017), & a number of South London book shops will be visited soon to test the water for interest ……

For more information email

STORY OUTLINE is inspired by the writer Tony Lee, who in a Raindance Graphic novel writing workshop, recalled his childhood sorrow when he heard the news of the death of Laika, the Russian space dog (a female, possibly part Husky, Samoyed and Terrier). Laika orbited Earth on Sputnik 2 November 3rd 1957. The Angels of, work to process all souls between their lives, making sure that each one can continue in the constructively progressing scheme of all living and after living things. And if mistakes have occurred and souls are misplaced, lost or in limbo, then those angels working at do everything in their power to set things back into a positive order of living and after living. Perhaps Laika may have been given another life to live……..

Reinca front and back coverBack and Front Cover

reinca-1.jpgDetail from page 1

Reinca 2Detail from page 2

reinca-3.jpg Detail from page 3

Reinca 4Detail from page 4

The Angels of

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